MY Journey

A life with Cystic Fibrosis and a future as a vocalist of a hard rock band?
Something I never dared to dream...

Even so, singing and dancing is something that I've always enjoyed.
It's a distraction I needed to get away from the pain and suffering from this illness, and the dark days associated with it.

Even though my voice didn't sound as clear as it does now, and coughing in between lyrics was a thing. The feeling of singing was so breathtaking and giving me such highs, that for a second, I forgot about my illness completely.

Singing in a band, a fun idea, but more and more far-fetched as the illness grew.
But the universe had other plans for me...

Years of therapies, aerosols, and hospitalizations awaited me, until...
life finally gave me the break I needed to go on with my dreams, a cure was found after all these years!

Suddenly my mind was racing, trumpets, horns, confetti, fireworks, and yes, even a little fart. You can't imagine the joy I felt on this day.

A new life just smiled at me and gave me it's hand. So without a doubt, I took the metaphorical bull by its balls as it was time to make my dreams come true!
My voice was clearing up, my breathing wasn't letting me down anymore,
time to do this!

Together with my 4 crazy brothers we founded Painted Scars, of which I am proud to be the lead vocalist.
We want to show the world that you can mold your weakness into greatness!

Screaming and singing gives me a feeling that I never wanna let go.
I want the world to hear my voice. I hope they hear us as far as the Galaxy 3.5LD6...

My name is Jassy Blue, and I will imprint my voice onto your skulls!