MY Journey

For me it all began right after the summer of 2005, I was 12 at the time.
This is when I got initiated into the school choir.
With them I learned how to control my voice, while at the same time being able to perform in concert halls around the world!

I started listening to metal when I was 14/15 y/o and I remember shredding it out on guitar hero and mastering every level until there was no more challenge. I wanted more... and thus my first guitar purchase was made. Countless hours and dead skin went into mastering my instrument,
until I finally thought of myself that I was good enough to start playing in a band.

After a long search I found some people who were eager to start a band aswel, and so it began! Keltorn was born.
We were a folk/symphonic metal formation with catchy tunes.
We performed a couple of times but after a while it was clear that there was no future due to different factors,
"I failed... for now".

A few years went by, it's 2016.
I find myself on the doorstep of a band that, I would've never thought,
was capable of such feats in such a short time.
Enter Circle Unbroken.

After a rather quick audition, I was in!
We only had 4 weeks of prep until it was time to go on tour with them.
We toured 7 countries in 10 days (fun fact: our first gig ever, was on tour). Although the tour itself wasn't a big success, we did have lots of fun, met a lot of great and talented people along the way and bonded a lot!

In the year that followed, we won the FemME battles, granting us a spot on stage with names such as Arch Enemy, Kobra and the Lotus and many more! By the time we were getting regular performances, Corona hit us hard.
It meant the end for Circle Unbroken...

It's 2021 and by the time Corona finally decided to back off a bit, I was missing the performing, the music, the people and the happy faces.
I decided to make a Facebook add, announcing that I wanted to start a band, that band is Painted Scars.
My good friends Jassy and Yannick jumped on the wagon as soon as they saw the add, starting there, our journey began.

Back then we didn't have a name, logo, genre,... hell we didn't even have a full group yet. We tried some drummers, switched our bass player until we found a full house!

It's April 2023.
The band is now complete!

The rest of my journey with the band you can read on the Painted Scars bio page, just click the button below!

MY gear


- ESP NV-STD BKS Iron Cross
- PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd Charcoal Burst


- PRS MT15 Amp
- ENGL E412 Speaker Cabinet


- LINE 6 Helix LT


- Ernie Ball Super Slinky


- Custom Picks 0.71mm